Simple Faith

Jesus encouraged His followers to have faith but never insisted on a faith beyond simple belief.  In Luke 17:5-6, when the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith, He told them that a simple and small mustard seed faith is enough to be and do whatever is needed.

The mustard seed is between 1 and 2 millimeters in diameter. It is very small. But when mixed with outside influences, it becomes much more: When ground up and mixed with water, vinegar, and other liquids, the mustard seed produces a yellow condiment known as prepared mustard. So it is not about the seed that’s planted, large or small, but the influences that make it useful. 

The outside influences that cultivate simple faith are frequently reading the Word of God, developing a consistent prayer life, and listening to the subtle impressions of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We might even want to add church attendance. As people of faith we need to hear the voices of other people of faith – other voices than our own.

All of these will cultivate simple faith. And it’s worth it! Simple faith will help us to stand up to our challenges in life and lay hold of more opportunities as they come our way. 

Joseph C. Hutchison


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