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Joseph Hutchison

Joe’s Christian articles and poems on this website are original works. They are final drafts before professional editing. The selected poems, articles, or lyrics on the Submission page are written by composers and authors, both past and present.

Articles and poems written by Joe can be published or used as long as there is no financial renumeration and the author is notified where the work will be used or published.  Joe is also in the process of publishing a book entitled, Nine Fruits of the Vine and Five Little Foxes: Short Christian Essays that Feed the Soul. It will be available in early 2023. 

Please Give Notice to Publish at jchutchison@msn.com

Joe is the founder and executive director of the Directory Group; the home of Find Christian Counselor and the Christian Counselor Directory. Joe was a full-time assistant pastor in Indiana, Ohio, and Louisiana. And a senior pastor in Michigan and North Carolina,  Joe has preached and taught at conferences and churches in Brazil, Canada, and the United States. Joe also served on an executive home missionary board and was the president of the Champlain’s corp. at a major  county hospital. He resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his wife Cynthia. She is a CEO in Troy, Michigan and has an active role with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. Joe and Cynthia’s adult children live in Michigan and California. They are committed to their family, friends, church, professional lives, and have many philanthropic interests. 


  1. Thank you for this website! I’m blessed to be able to read the poems and essays! I sent this to my friend and she asked where did I find it? I think it was the Lord who had you send this to me! Thank you for the ministry and for sending it out to my email! God bless you, Rosemarie

  2. Todays message was excellent. I Pastor a Recovery Church and Prayer and Meditation (Step 11) are messages that we share often. Thank you for todays.

  3. I really loved “ I Wish My Life Was Different.” You have a gift! Thank you for sharing. It was a present to myself for Thanksgiving.

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