When Passions Run High

It is natural to want to act or make decisions when our passions run high. Sometimes this can be helpful because being passionate about something can motivate us to act or make a decision when we need to get something done that’s important. If we didn’t feel strongly about what’s happening we might procrastinate to the point of neglect. However, when we act too quickly we are vulnerable to really messing things up for ourselves and others; we make poor choices or act poorly because we are too wrapped-up emotionally.

What can we do to make this better? When passions run high we should consider if our action or decision help or hurt our relationship with God. This is so important for the people of faith. Secondly, does our action or decision appeal to our higher or lower nature. We are all capable of good and bad. God gave us a will so it is up to us to be our better self. Thirdly, does what I am about to do help or hurt others. The golden rule; to treat others the way we want to be treated must be a part of the equation. This is the best way no matter how we are treated.

Thank you for wanting to read this weekly seed thought.

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