Judge Myself More Harshly

Judge Myself More Harshly

Judge me if you must,
Accuse me if you will.
Yourself excuse so easily;
Yet, so easy to accuse me still.

But you should know.
I judge myself more harshly.
Than you could ever do!

God Judges me so kindly;
Much, much more than you.
He has the right and cause.
Knows my past, and future I will do.
So why does God forgive me?
Because – He is not you.

I should not be forgiven.
I will give you that!
My heart meant well.
I’m sorry that I fell.
I know I will again.

God forgives me – easy to believe.
Less easy to believe that you forgive me too.
Hardest thing – to forgive myself.
Not easy to find a cure.
Sometimes I can, God helps to.
Forgive myself for sure.

Thank God!
I judge myself more harshly.
That God says He will do!

Joseph C. Hutchison



  1. I too judge myself more harshly than God would ever do. I believe it keeps me in a humble state of being his servant and not my own ruler. Sometimes though, I get so carried away I’ve already condemned myself, and I then ask for God’s forgiveness just the same.

  2. Self condemnation is what the devil wants us to do .. so stop it! just confess and believe HE Jesus is
    faithful And will forgive your sin and your Friend and cleanse you both from all unrighteousness.

  3. Nice Poem! This is the opposite of the toxic self-love culture we live in. So many so called “christian” counselors teach self love as a way of healing, but it only leads to narcissism and therefore, more anxiety, and depression.

    Check out the book: YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH (And That’s Ok): Escaping The Toxic Culture of Self-Love.
    by; Allie Beth Stuckey

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