Help is on the Way!

In our weakest moments God is standing by to strengthen us. The strength we need can come directly from God, the secret comforts through prayer and reading the Scripture. God also helps us indirectly through family, friends, our pastor, or at times a professional therapist.

Moses was tired when fighting a fierce battle to keep God’s people safe and secure. God’s people, the defenders, were winning the battle as long as Moses kept his hands up in the air. But Moses was getting very tired. Moses needed help. His brother Aaron and a friend or assistant named Hur kept the hands of Moses lifted up until the battle was won.

We can get very tired emotionally when we are dealing with our challenges in life. Yet, we should know that help is on the way! God saw how tired Moses was so He used two people of faith to help him. God will do the same for us. God will hold us up when we are worn down. He will never leave us or turn a blind eye to our problems in life no matter how long they linger and how tired we get. He will do something for us directly through spiritual comforts and sending people of faith to help us in a meaningful way.

Joseph Hutchison

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