Assurance and Divine Care

Biblical Abraham was led about in various directions with no guarantees other than an inward assurance of divine care. Abraham’s challenging life experiences were not dissimilar to ours. He was not unfamiliar with anxiety, confusion, poor decisions, disappointments, and fearing the actions of others.  Abraham even suffered the emotional pains of a dysfunctional family; the separation of children, jealousies, sibling rivalry, and familial power struggles.

Through all of his challenges and sufferings, Abraham found comfort and guidance because he had an inward assurance that God would take care of him.  The people of faith recognize that Abraham is the Father of the Faithful. The Book of Hebrews defines faith as the substance (or inward assurance) of things hoped for but the evidence of things not seen. This not only applied to Abraham but it also applies to us. The essence of faith is having an inward assurance that everything will be okay with us, no matter what we are facing in life.

When we feel God given assurance that we will be okay, we experience an inward peace and an expectation of the best outcomes in difficult times or when we have to make difficult decisions. This inward assurance is the benefit of faith when our faith comes from God.

Joseph C. Hutchison


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