Finding Out Who We Really Are

Knowing God and knowing ourselves go hand in hand. A prominent church teacher wrote that nearly all the true wisdom we might have, that is to say true wisdom and sound wisdom, consist of two parts: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. In other words, self-discovery is a result of our relationship with God. This is how we find out who we really are.

Jesus assured us that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth (John 16:13). It is my view, that the truth Jesus was speaking is not only about doctrinal or belief issues, but also about how the influence of the Holy Spirit leads us to self-discovery – the truth about ourselves.  I am not suggesting that those who do not ascribe to the Christian faith are not capable of some measure of self-discovery. The point is, the community of faith is given a sure promise that true self-discovery, who we really are, is coupled with knowing God.

Self-discovery is one of the ways God helps us to feel at peace with ourselves and with God when self-discovery is grounded in our relationship with Him.

Joseph C. Hutchison

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