This is Our Father’s World

This is Our Father’s World

To think our world is ours alone,
This world of ours, our God does own.
The moon, the stars, the sun, beyond.
We have no title, claim or deed,
We do not own- we rent – we lease,
The world we have, it is on loan.  
God creates the smallest seed, 
We plant, we water, we watch it grow.
How best to grow, we try to learn and know.
Make sure you know, we do not own;
The clouds, the land and sea,
The mount, the cliff – the rocks beneath,
The fire, the rain, the breeze.
This is our Father’s world!

You hold your baby in your arms,
This child your flesh and blood.
The Spirit wakes, the breath does come,
God’s child a living soul. 
Mom and Dad, make sure you know,
This child of yours is on loan.

Your spouse your love a gift from God,
Kindly treat, they have a soul. 
Help them walk their path in life,
Walk this path, in step together. 
Resent them not – no bitterness nor strife.  
Understand their thoughts and ways, 
How they plan and work and play.
Make sure you know,
Your love, your spouse is not your own.
The Father’s breath, they have a soul,
This is our Father’s world! 

Then there’s Mom and Dad;
Too busy to see them soon?
Busy child we are blessed, 
If they’re still on earth with us. 
Ignore them not, these too on loan.
Do not forget the love the’ve shown.
And if they’re gone, we place the stone,
Yet, in our our hearts – we’re not alone.
We do not own – we rent  – we lease, 
Long or short or in between.
God loans us time – the time we need. 
This is our Father’s world! 

We walk this life a life unknown.
Sometimes good and sometime not.
Up and down – our human lot.
We move ahead and try our best;
To right some wrong we hear and see,
And right some wrong in you and me.
We find the strength, we need in Him.
We can’t forget the things we know; 
The most of which we have a soul!
Heartache comes and heartaches go,
This God of ours will make us whole.
The Father has a plan for souls, 
This is our Father’s world!

Joseph C. Hutchison 

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