Speak the Word

Speak the Word!

In the beginning,
was voice and Word.
Word with God,
Word – was God!
The world was made ,
the world begun.
The Word – Eternal Son!
All things then, things to be, 
all wholly done.
Oh yes, was yesterday
but the same today.

Centurion’s servant,
so loved – so valued, 
but almost to die,
no healing in sight. 
Sends word to Jesus, 
sharing his plight.
Jesus, walks with them,
to heal servant sick.
So near to the need,
close to the house – so close afoot.
Centurion pleads: Not worthy! Not worthy!
Come under my roof.
Just say in a Word,
my servant be healed.
Authority and power, 
this man of a thousand.
To one he say goeth,
another say cometh,
Speak the Word, Dear Jesus

His Might and His Power,
in phrase and in word. 
Give me this grace!
Give me some faith! 
Just one phrase or Word, 
all things made whole.
Oh yes, this is was yesterday,
but the same is today.
Speak the Word,
Dear Jesus, to soul and clay.

Mountains removed,
cast deep in the sea,
fire of faith – hope in the soul, 
prayer – bended knee. 
Do we say to this mountain,
be cast in the sea?
Oh no, we go to the fountain.
No word-power in us, 
Our Jesus we seek,
for Him to speak.
Speak the Word, Dear Jesus! 
Mountain away from us.
Cast into the sea.
Just speak the Word – Dear Jesus, 
it will be started or it will be done, 
Word of God – Eternal Son. 

You know our needs, 
before we pray,
does more for us,
than think or say. 
Never enough, 
these loaves and fish,
bring them to Me,
I’ll make what needs to be.
Just speak the Word,
Thy will be done. 
The Word of God – Eternal Son.

 Joseph Hutchison 2021 Rochester Hills Michigan

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