We Are, We Aren’t

We Are, We Aren’t

We try to do our best,
less often we prevail,
often, try and fail.
We are – we aren’t,
succeed – believe,
yet fail – distrust, 
high and low,
dim and glow,
confusing mix in us!

We are, we aren’t,
We keep, discard. 
We love, we don’t,
this puzzle’s hard;
inflexible – disrespectful,
yet accepting – reverential,
insecure, and doubtful,
yet, confident and hopeful,
we’re kind, yet not, 
yet, never cruel to plot.

This mix bewildering,
the same befuddling. 
We’re good and bad,
we’re bad and good.
This mix upsetting.
This mix unsettling.
The spirit willing, 
flesh is weak. 
We try – we pray,
the bad we tweak.
The rest is grace and faith.

The morning light,
the light not last,
the night comes fast. 
The water’s choppy,
the water’s calm.
Soft breeze warm,
then wind gets strong,
lightning – thunder roars. 
Rain starts and stops, 
day turns cool, 
it’s not so hot. 
Nature’s paradox!

We are, we aren’t,
is this not from God,
His plan His way?
Eden’s Garden,
His will we stay,
to work and play? 
If so to be, our life and lot! 
This perfect place – I think not!

The high the low,
of heart, the soul,
the good, the bad, 
redeemed – forgiven,
God has given. 
The blood the cross,
makes right – this plight;
sometimes quick,
but mostly over time.
His grace our faith, 
more His love.
God be Thanked! 
For all He does. 
This human mix, 
this heavenly fix.
When we are, we are!
When we aren’t, we aren’t!
God is not surprised,
Look up to God, 
He helps to rise! 
to something we are not.

Joseph Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan May 2021

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