Troubles That Never Came

Troubles That Never Came 

The bridges that I’ve often crossed 
Before they came in sight, 
have been of many, many kinds;
been grey, or black, or white. 
I fancied many brutish ones, 
and many could not name.
I’ve had my many troubles, but 
the worst ones never came! 

When squirrels get their nuts for food. 
they gather for a year, 
and do not worry ’bout the next,
for that they have no fear, 
but man is not content today, 
he lives with troubled aim.
A-thinking ’bout the troubles past.
And those which never came! 

Some people build their mounts of care, 
of many sorts and kind. 
Which like the bridges that they build,
are mostly in their mind. 
Though sun’s ablaze and sky is clear,
they think of lightning’s flame. 
They had their many troubles, but 
the worst ones never came! 

Now God is in the universe.
The birds and squirrels do know, 
they worry not, nor do they fret. 
for what we reap we sow.
If we sow they’ll bear their fruit.
For God will hear our claim;
if we trust then we can say, 
the worst ones never came!

David Van Bush
1882 to 1959

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