The Inner Voice

We mustn’t hear the voice of others,
today or those of yesterday.
Look out the soul! They’re life adjusters.
They don’t know our soul and sum,
who we are – who we have become.
We cannot care they think of us.  
They seek us to explain ourselves,
to set us in a better light,
in their heart and eyes.
We owe them nothing!
What we’ve reaped or we sowed.
Why dear soul? 
We’ve been forgiven, no doubt know.

We must not hear their voice,
to ostracize or criticize,
look down on us they will,
to judge misguided haste.  
If  take to heart their voice;
deny our faith, His love and grace? 
This we will not do!  
Best for us to still their voice, we choose. 
Inner voice we need to hear and know;
true to heart and soul.
God’s love and blood – by grace and faith!
When right with God – a wholesome place, 
conscience clean – we will for joy…. rejoice!

Then there is the Holy  Ghost!
The inner voice of God to soul.
This inner voice convicts of sin,
leads down the path – content within.
Guides our steps – shows the way,
to play and work and love and pray.
Holy Spirit comforts us,
deep within the heart, this voice does speak;
His word in soul – dear soul just ME to trust.  

Voices everywhere,
Many faces they do wear,
mustn’t hear their voice out there,
What these voices I warn us of?
not just, accusers of the soul, 
the voice of lust and pride and greed,
more the envy and more the fear.
The Spirit’s Voice a different tone;
the voice of love, and peace and faith,
more the kind, and more the grace.
This Spirit’s Voice we care to hear!

Then there is the Word of God!
finds its way into the heart,
in the mind, the soul it finds. 
The Voice of God this Word it is.
Many voices in the world,
turn us here and there; 
how to play the money game,
the power play – pomp and flare.
less the morals – less than ethics,
religious too – violently ascetic.
The Word of God;
not religious – nor worldly…ness,
this Voice, the Word of God! 

Joseph Hutchison 2021 Rochester, Hills Michigan

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