I Did Not Lose My soul

I Did Not Lose My Soul

I walked my path,
my time on earth, from front to back,
so surely many things I lacked.
Thank God, thank hope, thank faith,
my love for God the most. 
I did not lose my soul. 

At times, I lost my hope, 
the morrow seemed so dim,
too many times discouraged,
too many times too worried,
where’s my nerve? – lost my courage!
Searched for answers – didn’t know.
Hope did fade, thank God for love,
my love for God, HIS love for me, 
I thank the most – this love is why,
I did not lose my soul.

At times I lost – I lost my faith, 
the love of God – it did not fail.
Our love for HIM, HIS love for us,
shall never fail – this love we trust. 
Where is my faith I said to me?
Where did it go – was mine – awhile ago?
My love for God, right now I only know;
HIS love for me, my love for HIM.
The why of why, I did not lose my soul. 

At times I lost my dignity,
what others think and thought of me. 
At times I lost some wealth,
what I could have had – I felt.
At times I lost a love,
they went away from me.
I lost a mom, I lost a dad, 
younger brother infancy,
lost some friends, around each bend.
My love for God I never lost,
HIS love was never lost for me.
I did not lose my soul.  

So weak at times, my sins I sowed,
my heart repents, my soul HIS mercy reaps,
love and grace did find a place – to flow. 
The way with all that love the Lord;
we pray, we feel the sting of sin;
hope is lost, but never grace from HIM.
We do not lose our soul.

Earth and sky – I’ll surely lose,
greens and browns and whites and blues,
the sun, the stars, the rain, the breeze. 
The time will come – eyes fail to see. 
I’ve been young and I’ve been old, 
now less the morrow, I’m almost home.
My faith and hope about the same.
Yet, through my years my love has grown.
I did not lose my soul. 

On earth my soul is in my hands, 
like it’s always been.
But soon I’m going home;
flesh says no – soul does long to go.
This flesh and blood to dust and clay,
my soul now in – God’s hands to stay.
Timeless ages, now have passed,
Since I walked the earth,
distant past terrestrial sphere. 
Say’s Celestial soul, 
so much more, so much better here!
No unbelief and fear, 
no lust and pride, no envy – greed, 
no pain – no sorrow – no shame.
Just love and joy, and peace, 
kindly place – no blame,
no death – just life – and life forever more! 
Most of all my Love is here! 
HIS Love, HIS Touch – always felt and known.   
Thank God, thank God, my Love,  
I did not lose my soul! 

J.C. Hutchison 2020, Rochester Hills, Michigan

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