Prayer and the Patriarch

Prayer and The Patriarch

The last one left, first family gone;
few days ago, over ninety years’ old,
buried last one.
The reason for living, more now about giving;
to do all I can, for as many as I can,
for as long as I can, is what I will do!

My own family grew;
children and grandchildren,
their children, step children too.
I am the patriarch, the oldest one living.

Wake up, get up, and look up,
don’t slumber or linger, let’s get up and pray!
Let’s pray early today!
No this can’t wait! Really can’t wait!
Must be out front – ahead of the day,
for all their sake, before they wake.

The night has run away.
The signs and eyes of daylight;
night creatures disappear,
the stars sequestered out of sight,
breaking of the day, the sky light gray.
So comforting; this silence and this seeking.
Sunrise is coming! Soul and faith at ease today.

I am the patriarch.
Will pray t’ill I’m, done.

Our souls, redeemed I must pray,
Spark of Faith I pray, I ask.
No real power I have, God’s business alone;
Beyond my reach, no earthly task,
Prayer is it – to impart such a gift,
but not enough – not nearly enough.
Faith and grace the Spirit lift!
Down from above, a soft and gently dove.
Heart of God – Irresistible Love!

God will do in His time;
last I buried, did believe,
Saving faith at eight-nine;
death and dying sting relieved.
God will do – in His own time.
Never to late for saving faith!

I am the patriarch,
will pray t’ill I’m done.

I pray for our health,
body, mind and heart be well;
Less ill by what we discover,
by what we uncover, on land, at sea.
Discoveries! Surgeries!
Should be so thankful, God led us to these!

Less to eat and right food too,
stretching lifting and walking,
I pray we do, not only to do but learn to be,
can keep us healthy most all agree.
So start it now let’s see!

God can heal – God does heal;
naturally and supernaturally.
Nothing needed – or little needed.
Just the touch God, when part of the plan!
If we pray, and it’s not so,
we pray for strength, and ask for faith,
to calm our soul.

I am the patriarch,
will pray t’ill I’m done.

Pray for safe, the day brings safe;
the road, the air, the sea; in all mobility.
Be safe from angry conflicted souls;
who somehow lost their way, conscience seared and decayed.
Be safe at school, be safe at home, be safe at work, and safe at fun;
all places we go!
Pray now and when you’re grown
Safe the patriarch will pray each  day.

I am the patriarch,
will pray t’ill I’m done.

Friends we have, so many indeed;
close guy friends, and girlfriends,
agreed we need.
Those we know and we knew,
not so close associates too,
all good to have to widen our view.

The patriarch prays lesser for these;
more for bonds that have longevity;
The patriarch prays this way; these partnerships to stay;
enduring relationships that strengthen our lives,
strengthen our church life, and strengthen our faith,
resources enhanced, our coin and our purse,
spousal romance and love for sure,
must not forget – fit in make better our family too.

I am the patriarch,
will pray t’ill I’m done.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Palm Dessert, California 2020

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