Who Knows What God Will Do

Who Knows What God Will Do

Ambiguities – unpredictabilities;
presumptions and uncertainties!
Things unknown too high for us,
not smart to postulate,
to speculate! – It seems to me.

Yet, should not live with disbelief;
no faith, no hope, no trust,
no doubt will end in no relief.
The Scriptures tell us so!
Faith and hope we seek to sow,
in this earthly life to grow.

Who Knows What God Will Do!

What we ask and what we seek,
is not a surety, nor faith it would not be;
no faith to need if we could see.
We pray for help, we pray for strength,
We pray for yesterday – hurts and guilt relent.
Pray to guide, some wisdom too, seek to find a door.
We see ourselves unclearly, grace shows us who we are,
We pray for God to change us, changing at the core.
No end to what we need in life, we should pray the more.
We must not lose our hope, nor what could come to be.
Stranger things do happen; they happen all the time!
They could and might for you, and they could and might for me.
Trust and faith and hope and wait!

Who Knows What God Will Do!

Sometimes – it looks so hopeless,
beyond a remedy, the actuality.
The loss is more than we can bare,
God to comfort and to care,
friends and family not enough,
the hole that’s left, remains with us.
Will test our faith, our hope, our trust;
this hole we have within our heart,
God does fill, only Him alone with us.

Know the more; God weeps with us!
Jesus did at Bethany – for lifeless Lazarus.
The comfort feel, the healing comes,
the calm the peace surprising too,
till a time for her or him – or all of them,
to once again, for them to be with you!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan March 2020
Publish By Permission Only

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