Wished My Life Was Different

Wished My Life Was Different

I wished my life was different – I was different too.
I said to me; so many better ways I’d think and feel and do.
All the stuff in life that stings – whipped me black and blue.
Not so really healthy – not so really smarter.
Not so really sure – not so really richer.
Not so much well-liked – not so really trendy.
Not so really handsome – not so really pretty.
Not so often hopeful – not so often fearless.
Broken family – fighting siblings – fighting mom and dad.
Poor the start – where’s my father – where’s my mother.
Less the promise -no potential,  many quick to think me so;
even I in gloom despair – thought my life would go. 

Slow start in life, I eyed myself with gloom;
then in time, I grew to be okay with me!
If things were really different, and I was different too;
then me – the really me – I wouldn’t be – the person I do see.
If past and present – life was different, hence I’d be a different me!
I’m okay today with me, even though I’d change some things,
what I’ve thought and felt and did, has made me – me!

Maybe not so healthy –  but feel with feeble sick.
Maybe not the smartest – smart enough to make life rich.
Maybe not so wealthy – rich enough to other’s bless.
Maybe not so sure – yet enough, in as much as God secures.
Maybe not so liked – but loved by God – I love Him more the more!
Maybe not so trendy –  simple friendly enough to be.
Maybe not a looker – best with what I have enough for me.
Maybe less the hopeful –  through lens of faith – future clearly bright.
Maybe less than fearless – strength of God stands up to life!
Maybe broken family – pieces found and firmly glued.
More the promise – so much potential, so many quick and sure to see.
Less gloom from me  – the better person I emerged – matured to be.
Thank you God for of all You’ve done, to help me be the better me!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan, 2020

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