The Storm

The Storm!

Storm celestial figure,
the feel the look of Thee,
God His work a simile.
Gray darkened early night,
thunder, wind, rain and light. 
Spirit, Son and Father’s might. 

Thunder – Voice of God! 
The boom this rumble roar, 
Voice of God thunder’s voice;
when He want’s, it is His choice.
Thunderbolt – double blessing! 
Voice of God – Spark of Faith,
Holy Spirit – flash of light. 
In the heart in stormy nights. 
This voice this saving thunder,
and bright and flashing light!
See His Light – Hear the Voice!
His Voice His Light – rejoice!

Rain – Grace of God! 
this grace for everyone,
just – unjust alike;
not just me – not just some;
unjust dull – unjust sharp, 
unjust rich, unjust poor,
unjust handsome – unjust pretty,
unjust – little unappealing,  
unjust famous – unjust common,
unbelieving – sacrilegious – superstitious,
hypocrite – even atheist. 
The good, the bad, and not so good,
the rain does pour on all!
Grace of God all see it fall!

Then there’s Saving Grace,
The rain that soaks the soul!
by love and faith we know. 
Irresistible – irreversible!  
This kind of rain a special grace;
pouring – drenching us by faith. 

Wind – Holy Spirit;
exactly from, or where it goes,
no one really really knows.
Heaven Earth God made!
Earth no form – dark and void,  
only water was here to claim.
Spirit sails the water’s face, 
water’s troubled, Spirit shakes!
Let be light so all could see, 
the heavens, earth and sea;
all the life that’s in them,
sturdy Adam lovely Eve. 

Spirit’s Word – world is born.
renews it day by day the same.
We see this in creation.
The same within our hearts today.
This Spirit’s Word we’re born again,
and day by day our souls renewed!
Spirit’s Word – bless us anew!

Linger no Lot’s wife – Esau sold his soul, 
almost, not altogether  – Herod’s doubtful no.
When the Spirit speaks – say yes, say yes again!
When the Spirit speaks – open up our heart and soul! 
Hear His Voice – see the Light – the Spirit and His Grace.
The storm a simile; thunder, lightening, wind and rain.
See the storm today – through the eyes of faith! 

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan, 2020

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