Better Man Than Yesterday

Better Man Than Yesterday

Want to be a better man, a better man today.
Every morning look, just my yesterday.
Best to face a smaller piece,
of my life this way.
Backward glance, thoughtful muse,
better man today – I pray.

Slow to speak!
think some more before I speak.
Quick to speak; words amiss, too much jest,
cynicism – criticism – judgmental..ism,
words ruff and ridged,
less than who I think I am,
the more of  who I want to be.
Want to be a better man, a better man than me.

Swift to hear!
your thoughts – your wants – your needs.
Strike some “I” and – some “me”
from my talk my words today.
There’s more to life – my life’s mess,
or stuff I know – opinions – mostly guess;
best to share what I know – upon request.
Listen more and speak much less.

Slow to wrath!
swift agree – agree to disagree.
Better kinder than the righter.
Right does change with age;
few things stay the same.
Slow to fight, swift for peace,
be blameless and be tame.
Pause in anger before we sin,
later feel some guilt and shame.
Save our souls from anger’s pleasure.
These are some of sin’s dominions;
disappointments – expectations – offenses,
envy – jealousy – unyielding opinions.
They live with anger to display.
Let me sweep these from my house!
Want to be a better man, a better man today.

Joseph Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020

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