God Saves the Light!

God Saves the Light!
Mathew 5: 14-16

What the world would be,
no light that’s from above!
Black world all men would see;
vice cover this darkened world,
no virtue  – no goodness ever here,
unbridled violent selfish vice,
world of hate and fear.

God’s love the light is here,
Let their be light!
Bursting natural light – spiritual light,
shine the earth and in the soul.
Saves us from the black of night,
saves us from the worst of us,
less vice for sure – with the light,
faith some virtue – by grace shine through.
God’s light – by grace we want it to.

The church, with all it’s flaws,
now and through the ages;
will not put out the light,
if it does – it’s only slight,
and only for a season.
Self-righteousness – weakness,
ignorance, and other reasons.
Does the light not shine so bright,
all the time in every season.
But this can only dim the light,
never, never – just the night.

It all comes back, God’s light,
lights our hearts, and our face.
Rushing back to rightful place,
hope and faith – love and grace!
City lights on sprawling hill,
cannot be hid from view;
nor the lamp be under bushel,
light in view immortal,
lamp shines bright,
on top the stand for all to see.
God saves the light for you and me. 

Joseph Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan, 2020

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