Those Who Love and Loved Us

Those Who Love and Loved Us

Not thinking about so much, someone in-love with us,
another topic – romantic love – another day.
Platonic love; those who love and loved us – sending love our way.
In the present, in the past, who cared to love enough;
no strings attached – no enumeration – no renumeration,
little expectation – in spite of us loved us much.

Regret for most of us, in our hearts today,
the past we failed – to approbate – to appreciate,
so much love was sent our way;
undeserved – unjustified, – unrecognized,
the love received so many times of yesterday.
Self-absorbed in our world, especially in our youth,
wrapped and tangled, in our own pursuits.
Wish said more to thank, to cherish at the time;
love freely given – freely yours and mine.

If we had the chance, to backward wind the clock;
to sit with those who cared for us – unselfishly they loved.
Would draw near so gently, so lightly like a dove,
soft and gentle touch their hand and look into their eyes;
thank them for the love they’ve shown – acting not surprised;
of who and how and what they are – what they are to us.

We cannot see again, until another day;
they’re gone for now, there’s nothing we can say.
So in our hearts we thank them – for kindness and for care.
In our hearts we love them, for love of yesterday!

Family, friends are with us, thank and love today;
children – grandchildren – stepchildren too,
dad and mom – grandpa and grandma – siblings yes they do!
All love more than we could know, more they sometimes show.
Aunts and uncles – cousins – step-parents – familial glue.
New friends and old friends, sharing life too.

When we’re together, should let them know;
why they’re so important – what they mean to us.
A hug a kiss a compliment – some token to them we pledge.
They say – convincingly- for me don’t make a fuss,
don’t believe this hooey – even if they blush!
Water droplets left on the skin, pulled from the waters edge;
residue remains – we leave their presence – droplets of our touch!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, 2020

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