I Love the Lord!

I Love the Lord

I Love the Lord;
I love His Word,
I love the Son,
I Love the Father
I love the Spirit.

I love the Lord,
His touch – His glance.
My love, my heart’s romanced;
to women tis better than; in-love with men,
to man tis better than; in-love with women,
better than the love of children, – mom and dad,
better love of anyone – and of everything.

I love the Lord,
He loves my soul.
Faith takes second place,
more the highest hope.
Better love than all of that,
than faith to hope and cope.
He loved me first, I loved him back!
Love I have, it never fails – never lack.
This love I have has brought me faith,
gave me hope – irresistible grace!

I love the Lord,
His Presence – outline of His Face,
His Presence warm embrace.
Taste of heaven – this Presence is;
felt and known about, no less than in my soul.
Love exists – His Presence proof of this;
The Lord’s alive! – I know, it – to – be – so.
Saints of yesterday – all the saints today,
they love the Lord no matter young or gray.
I love the Lord, He loves us too;
this love will never dissipate – this love is here to stay.
His Spirit speaks to me – His love for me today!

I love the Lord,
The Word – the Son the Word;
a lamp that guides my stride my steps,
consoles the soul in times of need.
Better life to have, if read the Word and heed,
The Word – the Son the Word,
the pages – the Words – the phrases.
the soul this Word does save and heal.
Spirit touch the Word – alive and real!
Paradoxical – yet reasonable,
The Word unknowable – yet knowable,
to all that love the Lord – this Word revealed.
Springs a garden – first a seed,
to all of faith that irrigate – cultivate,
those that truly do believe!

I Love the Lord,
Father from above,
Earthy Father’s love us,
while we’re here on earth.
We love the much when little,
we stray some in between,
eventually, we come around,
we come back to the ground;
he’s waiting – he loves us still,
anticipating; our love – our will.
This is our image; example carved,
The Father loves, the Father waits,
Heavenly Father – Father from above.
Sad to say, some father’s, there are some;
As David sang in Psalm and harp,
father forsake – mother forsake us too;
No earthy matriarch – no patriarch – no familial glue.
The Father with us always; always there for us.
to love us much, wait for love, for our love and will.
Father from above, will give His love to fill!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020

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