Image of God This Is!

Image of God This Is!

All creatures of the earth to be,
less endowed so wondrously;
heart the mind the soul we have.
Image of God this is!

We have and do this thinking!
No matter how much the wits;
more the mind – more required,
lesser mind – less required,
nonetheless required.

Who seems smart, who seems not;
all can know a loving grace,
can leave this world a better place.
And place a look above;
the smart the not, not just for some,
the soul can find a place with God,
in the life to come!

The heart can lead, the mind can follow.
Knowing because we know, in the knower of the soul.
Intuition in our core, sometimes this is enough,
Caution though! Think some more…

Happened this way before,
could happen this way again!
Proven counselor experience is;
this thing has come along afore.
Trust and add to heart and mind;
judge some more, think some more…

Add to intuition in our core, in our soul,
things and thoughts which were before.
The mind, the heart, the soul,
to help us trust, guiding us.
The image of God this is!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020

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