Pushing Through the Roadblocks

Although having resources is important, to me success is ultimately not about money or things but is about living a meaningful life. But here’s the catch, when we push forward to do meaningful things, frequently there is much opposition attached. I have three energizing propositions that I think help us push through the roadblocks.

We are energized when we have a clear and well defined path in front of us: when I founded Find Christian Counselor and the Christian Counselor Directory my mission was to provide the Christian community with qualified Christian professional therapists. The vision was well defined and clear although I had no idea how to get all of it accomplished. That was 2005-2006. Last year we connected thousands of Christian families with qualified Christian therapists. A clear mission helped me push through many obstacles in getting where we are today.
Remember your past successes: we are energized by looking back at yesterday’s smaller victories. When David was facing Goliath he recalled his dominance over the bear and the lion when they preyed upon his sheep in the field. He told the authorities that Goliath would succumb to the same fate as the lion and the bear! He had a reference of success coupled with a meaningful and a clear mission.

Finally, be positive: another way to say this is ‘have faith.” While reading the Scriptures the other morning I was deeply impressed by the verse that we can throw a “mountain into the sea” if we believe. Jesus used hyperbolic phrasing to help us push through what might seem like insurmountable odds with confidence that we can accomplish much more than we could if it were only left up to us.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2019

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  1. Encouraging words in your article! More times than not, I am faced with so many struggles, fear, stress, setbacks…..and lifelong depression. Thank you for your article.

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