Thoughts to Help Us Stick with It!

Psalms 19:7-8 

It is sometimes challenging to make Scripture reading a part of our day. Heavy schedules and commitments get in the way even though we have the best intentions. I suppose the best way to move forward with our desire to do this is to manage our expectations. If we miss a day or more it is important to get back on track without guilt or self-criticism. Just find a quiet place and get started again and all will be well. Here’s a few thoughts from David’s writings to motivate us to stick with it!

The Word of God “converts the soul.” This means it changes us. It makes us think and act in a better way both morally and ethically. We will also be kinder and more patient with others and to ourselves. It is by far the best selling self-improvement book of all time!

The Word of God “makes wise the simple.” It helps us to be more intuitive. Reading Scripture will help us filter and clarify the experiences and the things we have learned in life. We will process them better and make wiser decisions. At least better decisions than we would have made on our own.

The Word of God “rejoiceth the heart.” There is much joy that springs up from the pages of God’s Word. It is hard to explain but it is real. It isn’t like having fun. In which I have my share! The Joy that God gives us is a warm and secure impression in the soul that we are okay with God. And that whatever we are facing will be okay in the end.

The Word of God “enlightens the eyes.” I have always loved the nuances that are buried in Scripture. They are uncovered through careful reading and a passionate love and faith in these sacred writings. It is a supernatural experience that encourages and guides us at just the right time.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020

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