Jesus is Heaven to Me 

As people faith we know there is a Heaven; not what we see when we look up to the clouds or sky or when gazing at the stars but a place far removed from what we can see here on earth. Heaven is a celestial home fit for God, the angels, and the redeemed. St. Augustine called it the Heaven of Heaven created before the atmospheric space and the earth as we know it. Although we know there’s a Heaven we might wonder, what is Heaven like? Is it similar to what we experience on earth? What will we be doing in Heaven? Although there is little certainty what heaven will be like or what we will be doing, there is a veiled understanding what it might be like in Heaven.

There is a song by the Lanny Wolf Trio, entitled Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven For Me. The people of faith know what it is like to sense the presence of God or Jesus, for they are the same. We mostly sense God’s presence during quiet time; often while reading the Scripture, spiritual books, or praying silently or vocally. This same presence can be felt when we are in church worshiping wth others. Regardless of where, how, or when we experience this heavenly phenomena we know it is real. Heaven is somewhat like this experience in the presence of God. If we love spending time in the presence of God while we are here on earth we are perfect candidates to be with God in his eternal presence without the distractions of daily life.

Here’s another thought about Heaven: Regardless of our interpretation of the written Word of God it has been cherished by the people of faith in all ages. Yet, the written Word carries with it some ambiguity in which the Apostle Paul wrote that we see through a glass, darkly but then (speaking of Heaven) we will know even as we are known and shall see God face to face. Paul is saying that the precise meanings of the spiritual life in the written Word are often illusive; yet when we get to Heaven we will look upon the face of the Eternal Word and learn about Him.

There will be no written Word of God in Heaven. In the Heaven of Heaven when we look at Jesus we will be looking at the Word of God. It will be somewhat the same experience when we are reading his written Word yet more enlivened when we see something new about the Eternal Word in celestial bliss. Augustine wrote that the Heaven of Heaven reserved for the angels and the redeemed, will be a place where we will have no need to gain the knowledge of the Word of God by reading it. For the angels and the redeemed will always behold his face and read the Word, without any syllabus in time, they understand what the Eternal Will intends. They are always reading and what they read will never pass away. 

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