Nothing is Impossible With God

There are serious threats in our world today. There are threats which we could agree or disagree, yet, most of us would agree that climate change, nuclear warfare, and pandemics threaten our way of life or even our existence.

Although more needs to be done there are many things being done in government, medicine, and technology in an attempt to mitigate or neutralize these threats. We must continue to do what we can. Yet, human effort is not enough. We should also ask God to intervene. God is only a prayer away. There are ways God could help us: He could tweak nature in some way to make all of these threats less threatening. God could help our scientist and engineers to discover and enhance technologies and medical procedures and medicines. God could help politicians and political negotiators to keep nuclear weapons in check and tame nuclear proliferation.

There was a time in America when we would have called for a national day of prayer. I suggest because of the magnitude of these threats that we would not only have a national day of prayer but every calendar quarter designate a day of prayer and fasting. In the Book of Colossians, Paul teaches that God created the world and holds everything together. We must ask ourselves, If God created the world and manages the world, why couldn’t He fix the world? As people of faith we know that nothing is impossible with God and through prayer that includes all that threatens our safety and security in this life, and if not in this life, we are certain that we will be safe and secure in the life to come.

Joseph Hutchison

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