Blessed Are They That Mourn

Jesus said “Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted.” (Mathew 5:4). As we look at this verse today, there are two mainstream interpretations. In either case, we can find comfort and encouragement.

When we think of what it means to mourn, it is often associated with the death of a loved one. This verse in Mathew is often quoted in eulogies to comfort us when we are grieving. As people of faith we have this promise. I have officiated at some heartbreaking funerals, that over time people of faith who lost loved ones found what could be deemed a supernatural comfort. A comfort far above what could seem possible. When this happens we are taught that nothing is impossible with God and He comforts us in the most trying times in life.  

Some think that when Jesus spoke about mourning in this verse He was referring to mourning for our failures, that is, mourning or being sorrowful for our sins. This starts with honest introspection. In which, we are willing to be serious about our faith walk and no matter how sorrowful we might feel about our mistakes we know God will comfort us. Although we are mourning our sins we will sense a peacefulness because we are trying to be better and God is working in us. This kind of comfort could be thought of as a reward for true repentance. As people of faith we have this promise. 

Both of these views are supported in Scripture from Genesis to Revelations. So either way we interpret these spiritual realities in Scripture, we can trust that God will comfort us when we mourn in His Presence. 

Joseph C. Hutchison

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