Science, Faith and Prayer

Science, Faith and Prayer

Written During The Pandemic of 2020

We are scared – of course we’re scared;
for ourselves and those we care,
country, the world and how they fare.
Especially for the frail and weak,
especially if they’re elderly.

Locked in our homes, yes we’re forced,
work from home – who can of course.
Barbers, maids, and painters,
non-essential work they say,
factory workers and auto makers.
Work no more, no work at home.
Those who make life rich convenient!
these they call the non-essential.
Work no more, no work at home.
Bankruptcies coming!
Mom Pop outfits – most in the pits.
Small business and vendor,
not looking much better.
Lodging and airlines,
much too dangerous;
to stay somewhere,
too dangerous in the air.

Must go home, yes go home!
ordered now or ordered soon;
when food is needed,
meds’ hygiene – more stuff too.
Cashiers, stockers and shoppers will see,
advised to be – six feet from these.
Some will have – gloves and masks.
Wash our hands when we get back;
twenty-seconds at least must do,
soap and water – disinfectant too.
Away in the trash – the bags and sacks,
counters cleaned – most thoroughly.

So many ways this could trend;
peters out we hope to end,
sometimes a virus dies or bends.
Much less sickness and much less blood.
God so grateful we would be!
A poke in the skin – a pill to take,
a vaccine – we hope eventually.
Someone smart – study this infection,
treatment and prevention – find a remedy!

Invisible – unpredictable,
this virus is, foe unmerciful.
Ten times more death and dying.
more than the common flu.
More vulnerable, all the globe;
the feeble and the old,
but the young get it too.

All the king’s horse’s
and all the king’s men,
to put us back together again.
These are the doctors,
the researcher – the scientist too,
We have more knowing, more science,
than it’s sisters – pandemics of flu.
Politicians and big business,
doing some of the lifting,
resources and gifting.

Then there’s Faith – and there’s Prayer,
asking and trusting, all comes from God;
discoveries, treatments – and medicines!
What seems new – what seems old,
nothing new – under the sun;
The earth, the water, the air they come…
Every good and perfect gift,
no doubt is from Him above.
We only find, we uncover.
Why? God cares and loves!
Science, Faith and Prayer in one accord,
Let’s remember – they work together.

The nursery rhyme – we know it well;
All the king’s horse’s, and all the king’s men,
alone will fail, there’s more to tell,
to put us back together again.
Prayer and Faith – lifted hands!
The King of Kings, Lord of everything!
Let’s not forget, He will and can,
put us back together again!
God speaks, God acts,
God uncovers – God helps discover;
the sick is gone, at least subdued.
The hand’s of men not soon enough,
they test, they try, they plan and plod.
Pray soon we find a cure – molecular!
We need no less, no more…
than Science, Faith and Prayer!

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan 2020

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  1. beatiful poem.. simply beatiful.. even though i dont believe in the virus .. well thats not true .. i just put it in perspective.. 10 times more people die from drunk drivers .. we dont not drive because of it.. the poem could translate to anything a sickness of the heart or mind.. it reminds me of the nursery rhyme from the black death bubonic plague days.. ” ring around the rosey pocket full of poseys ( for the smell) ashes ashes ( burning bodies) we all fall down!! your writing is amazing.. i love you brother in christ .. be strong and know where you are going .. wether he calls you home from a virus .. or a drunk driver or whatever .. you are saved brother rejoice!!

  2. This is so beautifully worded! We should not look to what is around us but look to God. He is faithful and as believers we must be faithful to God. May I share on my Facebook page?

  3. Christians who refuse vaccinations but see their physicians when they have cancer, crave for new remedies to conquer pain when they fracture a limb, require surgery from a masked surgeon—take acetaminophen and ibuprofen and a plethora of meds. Ahhh, but Covid and the vaccine have become politicized. Does God call folks home from murder and children from disease? Does he design the Holocaust to call home many at once? Does he want abuse victims to come home but not their perpetrators? Cruel, cruel, cruel….

    The church and its followers have somehow “bastardized” Christianity, dumbed it down so science is enemy—yet what do Christians want for their children? Post-secondary Ed? Yet, during a pandemic will condemn their advice and expertise?

    Pretty sure the world is complex—part of god’s nature would include science, would it not?

    I read scripture, and in the character of Jesus Christ, find no inkling of His message in those of the Christian Right, especially the politicians, who call Biden abs Democrats satanic

    So many exploiting Christians because they are often taught not to think for themselves. “WWJD“? Back in the day….Bowing to the conspiracy theorists and the leader of the Republican Party….threatening democracy and the constitution

    Important to bring up these issues in the hopes that folks will read their New Testament and then look at trumpism and this cult of Christianity that has emerged

    Virus real—my brother, Naval MD, saw many lost to it. When they were gasping for breath, alone, they would have done anything not to be “called home” in that way

    We have free will—pretty certain Godnis t going around orchestrating our every move so we can be in the right place at the right time to violently or tragically die

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