He Had a Good Life

He Had a Good Life

He had a good life,
He had a fun wife,
He had money to spare,
Worried not for their care.

He had many children,
they loved him so much,
he gave them much love,
not stingy – a hug or a touch.

He had very fine friends;
politicians and leaders in business he knew,
some preachers and care givers, not just a few.
Friends that could help him, support him,
help him with good causes too.

Those who worked with him,
trusted his word – what he would tell.
Those who worked for him, were treated quite well.
The poor he considered, the man was a giver.
A man known to care, a man who was fair.

He was a good man.
He had a good life!
Not blameless for sure;
many mistakes this earthly tour,
ignorance and weakness misguided some.
God’s grace and Gods love – nevertheless,
He a good life – this man was so blessed!

He had a good life.
But the best thing he knew,
impressed others too;
if you gain the whole world,
but lose your own soul,
this can’t be our goal.
Does it profit us any – in the end,
money and honor and health,
even family and friend.
Yes, so wonderful! No doubt it is.
Yes, it’s silver but it’s not gold.
All things less – than the soul.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020

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