Violence Filled The Land

Violence Filled The Land

The people I know are good,
no one hurt they would.
Sense and live secure they be,
they’re healthy – relatively wealthy,
maybe most importantly – all are safe and free!

But when we look around the world,
the past the present in all these cases;
far away places, other faces.
We see much hurt – much pain,
desperation – intimidation.
The colonists of yesterday,
Today – tribal leaders, dictators,
annex takers, invaders, nation state makers;
power grabbers cruelly oppressive.
Little food, nor shelter – no time to be restive.
Angry hopeless souls – with nothing left,
The victims have and will be.
Refugees – relocating – from see to sea,
Little hope, little future, no livelihood.
No love,- just hate and anger – nothing good.
Mine is mine and yours is mine – the problem is!

The rod the whip – incarceration.
Ideology rules; religion and tradition,
superstition – ostracization – and ambition.
Raping, maiming, murder – mutilation;
erasing a race – an orientation,
humiliating – dehumanizing a softer gender.
These gross sinners – humanities’ offenders.
All hope is gone – all decency lost, by indication;
victims morph – cruelty turn to victimization.

Backward and desolate places;
dessert, mountains – too much sand,
few rivers, poor soil, when there is some land.
Right to retaliate, revenge to hate – they initiate.
Greed and power and pride and pain,
fight for land, fight for space, we deserve some space!
We used to have it, we had it past, we will make our stand.
In this messy process – violence fills the land.

The wars have come – the wars have gone.
World War Two and World War One.
Millions died, millions maimed,
millions raped – more left displaced.
Violence has filled the land!
Pearl Harbor – D-Day – Normandy,
End the war – start the peace – Hiroshima Nagasaki!
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and Fascist Italy,
to name a bloody, bloody few.
Korean War, Vietnam – and the Middle East.
Only God does know, where our soldiers go,
yes today, more today – to daily keep the peace.

Then there are the days, of distant yesterday;
not murdered, raped or enslaved – a lucky soul would be.
The writers write – in much of history!
Expanding borders these Invaders – so called emancipators,
cruelty sword in hand, mounted steads – feet on land.
Fear and blood was everywhere!
Spartans, Vikings, Mongols, Aztecs to name a bloody few.
They pounced, they clawed in packs and bands.
The countrysides they preyed upon;
cities, towns, villages – no place exempt.
I’m sure we like to think – far away lands – think again;
Rifle, sword and calvary did murder and displace.
So defenseless, yet tried to defend – the native American.

Violence fills the land must be – for survival or for peace;
sometimes it is – defense it is – no other choice have we.
History shows unfortunately – we mostly often see;
the hate – the greed – the envy – the pride – the lust,
this awful violence, this awful pain – is inside of us.

Then there is the taste for blood;
what’s wrong with us – seems unnatural!
Horrific films we watch – violent games we play.
It’s all intriguing – tantalizing – mesmerizing.
It’s only play and entertain, that’s what we say – at least today.
Never, never do – what we watch, or play!
Most likely true, for almost most of us,
But there’s the very few – with hatred in their gut.
Misguided so to think, the answer to to resolve,
conflicts – disappointments – to shoot into a crowd.
Horrific films we watch, violent games we play,
sure it’s not the reason – but none do help the same.
Could be time to analyze – what goes in our brain.

If believe in God above – he has the right to judge,
Try to think – what God might think – or what our God might say;
We have a Word from God – the Word of God today;
In antiquity – Noah built and Ark for a rainy day.
More reasons than we know, the world fell in decay,
There is one reason that we know, God waved his heavy hand;
God surely wasn’t happy – we treated each other badly.
This is the way God thought it, when He waved his heavy hand;
Scripture speaks so clearly – the Holy Writ in Genesis;
that God was looking, God did frown – that violence filled the land.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020
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