Finding Solutions

In very rare occasions there is no earthly solution for what we are going through. We cannot plan our way out or fix it. There is nothing or little we can do about this kind of hardship. It is my observation, there is at least one or two of these kinds of deep heartaches in life. These hardships are non-discriminatory. They happen to most of us at one time or another and in various degrees.

In these times, God is our comfort: soothing our troubled souls, giving us perspective and inward assurance that we will feel better in the future, and beyond that assures us that a place awaits us where there is no suffering or tears. God’s presence and His inward comfort is the solution. God fills the emptiness. Through prayer and time we heal up and carry-on. God may also direct us to seek out a Christian professional therapist to guide us through the healing process, especially when it comes to grief and bereavement, or loss of any kind.

In most cases however, there are pragmatic and clear solutions for us to try to figure out, and work out, in our lives. The problem is potentially solvable. This is when prayer and thoughtfulness go along way. Thoughtfulness and listening for direction through prayer does work. God will give us a plan if we pray and listen. Thinking, praying and listening for direction will unravel many difficulties and help us find creative answers for our problems and for the problems of others we love and care about.

As some of you know I am the director of an organization that provides support services for professional Christian therapists. I am very aware that our therapists prayerfully and thoughtfully guide the Christian families they serve. This is an added dimension to clinical therapy that is rewarding and impactful. In the Bible, Joseph was elevated to what appeared to be the second in command in the land of Egypt. Joseph was a prayerful and thoughtful person. A terrible famine plagued the land of Egypt. But Joseph had a preemptive and creative austerity plan that saved the nation and fed her people during the famine. Through prayer, thoughtfulness and listening for direction he came up with a plan that significantly mitigated the impact of much suffering in his world. He saved himself and the people he cared about.

I think sometimes we go through a problem and kind of give up. We experience emotional and psychological paralysis. The problem seems too complex or hard to fix. It’s hard to be thoughtful. It’s hard to be prayerful. It’s easier to give up and lower our expectations. We must get a hold of ourselves in these moments. I have had to do it and so have many others in the community of faith. The Scripture teaches us that God will “make a way where there seems to be no way.” If your going through something difficult right now stop what you are doing and breath a short prayer and ask God to help you find a solution for your problem. The plan usually involves others but it starts with us!

Joseph C. Hutchison

Rochester Hills, Michigan


February 2020

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