Nothing to Something: A Meditation from Abraham’s Life

It is remarkable that God finds pleasure in making something out of nothing.

About a week ago, I decided to study the Genesis record of Abraham’s life: I was prompted by some inner feelings about my life and relationship with God. When Abraham started his journey with God he was just an average guy with average accomplishments. But as time went on God found great pleasure, enhancing his life in almost every way possible.

Blessing Abraham in such a bountiful way, even making him the “Father of the Faithful”  is especially curious because Abraham was not the only guardian of the faith who was alive at that time. For example, Melchizedek was living in the  same region. He was a respected and honored spiritual adviser, priest, and the wealthy King of Salem (Salem being what most scholars think is Jerusalem). So much an honored priest that Abraham paid tithes to him. Yet God chose Abraham to be the “Father of the Faithful” and not Melchizedek who had already been established in the land that God was directing Abraham to possess!

As one church father wrote,”by the mercy of God the things which are not are raised from nothing in order that they may begin to be something.”

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2020


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