Moderation and Christian Discipleship

We could think the disciplined Christian life would be too restrictive or not much fun. But it isn’t. It is wholesome fun and certainly more peaceful. And peacefulness is what most of us really want anyway. Christian discipline will give us inner peace because we know we are trying to please God and at the same time we will feel good about ourselves in so many things. Christian discipleship, at its best, touches every area of our lives; our daily devotional life, eating healthy, exercise, sleeping well, relationships, and life choices. Meaningful Christian discipleship is spiritual, holistic, and practical.

Moderation is the key. Without moderation we are setting ourselves up for failure. Outside of a special calling, we are meant to live a full life with friends and family. And enjoy the fruits of our labors. Christian discipleship should not be a straight-jacket but a loose fitting garment. We must have room to breath. Living life without feeling deprived while trying to live up to the goals we set for ourselves and what we know God wants from us. To do this we must be prayerful, introspective, and honest. We must also learn how to forgive ourselves when we experience lapses and intermittent failures and how to reset and get back on track.

And always remember that God loves you!

Joseph C. Hutchison

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