No Where to Run

There are times when we go through adversity and challenges that God allows us to be pinned down, so to speak, in which there is no way of escape unless He intervenes in some way. This happens in our relationships at work, in our families, and in business. I have a family, run a business, have been a senior and assistant pastor and I can attest that this does happen a times. No matter what we try to do it just isn’t working out. Simply put, we can do everything right but it turn out wrong. As a result we feel hopeless and powerless.

When this happens God has a purpose for what is going on with us; for we know that all things work together for those who love God. As one Christian motivational speaker wrote, with every adversity there is an equal or greater benefit. Although this axiom is applied and common to all, for the people of faith this is even more applicable because we are not only looking for temporal benefits but heavenly blessings; for if no other benefit in this life came our way as a result of adversity we would be blessed because we would be humbled to the point that we know there is no other way but to trust in God alone. For in affiliation we fully realize that God favors the contrite but resists the proud. And for the sincere in heart this spiritual awakening is enough of a blessing than all the right outcomes that this temporal world would deem favorable.

When the ancient people of faith were making there exodus from Egypt they felt safe and secure in their journey. The Pharaoh gave them the permission to leave. Yet, the Pharaoh caved into his pride and obstinacy and pursued them. God directed His people to take a route that pinned them in between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea. They had no where to run. They were harnessed between the ferocious and formidable Egyptian army and the dangerous waters of the Red Sea with no way of crossing. The evident choice was die by the sword or drown.

God allowed this to happen to prove to the ancient church and all people of faith in every age that when we are in adversity with no evident options if we turn to Him alone, he will come to our aid. Then to further show all who love Him, by defeating the prideful armies of Egypt that humility and trust in God will triumph over pride and obstinance. And because of our nature to distrust; trust will take root in our heart because support systems and remedies have been removed with the exception of trusting in God alone.  

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