The Wings of Faith and Hope  

I had a modest upbringing so I didn’t fly in an airplane until I was 23 years old. I remember that it was raining very hard the day I took my first flight. When the plane ascended above the clouds I looked out the window over the wings of the plane and the sun was shining. The storm was far below me. I recall thinking that although we might have trouble in life God will lift us above the storm. I still think of this when I am flying in the rain.

Faith and hope are the wings that lift us above the clouds. These are the wings by which our soul rises above the storms in life. The wings of faith and hope not only lift us above the storms but lift our eyes toward God that he may help us in the time of need. Some trust in their wealth, education, connections, or a myriad of supports from all quarters, and some of these resources the people of faith might possess, yet they know when the storm rages that any achievement or resource, or lack of them, pale in comparison to the help that comes from God. And when we trust in God and not our earthly achievements or resources, we firmly recognize that we have no reason to boast of his blessings but reason to thank God for all that he has done for us. It is even God’s special work to stir up a storm or allow one to come our way that we might humble ourselves; for it is only then that our soul is brought low so she can be lifted up to God. 

The Psalmist wrote in Psalms 25:1, I have lifted up my soul. I have put my trust in you. In this verse hope is added to trust. As one bygone teacher wrote concerning this verse about trust, that hope and faith are the wings by which our souls rise above the world and are lifted up to God. Yet, I would add that their is also faith and hope for the world below the clouds. For it is our particular mission to offer both faith and hope to a distressed and unhopeful world even if all we have to offer is a rain coat in the storm until they come into the light above the clouds.

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