One Day at a Time

Most of the time our problems are transitory or we think they are worse than they are. These kinds of problems go away as quickly as they came. But sometimes there are challenges and difficulties that not only look bleak, but are bleak. And they stay with us for a while. When we are going through this kind of trouble, it is best to take it one day at a time. 

Taking it a day at a time doesn’t mean we should neglect to plan for tomorrow’s challenges and responsibilities or fail to do everything we can to relieve our problems with a look toward the future. It means we should not worry about tomorrow’s troubles and contingencies to the point that we have strangled the life out of everything remaining that is not part of the problem or challenge. In the English language the word worry comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning to choke or strangle. Evidently this cultural group knew something about worry.  Jesus encouraged us to deal with our problems one day at a time.

In Mathew 6:4 Jesus taught us that we should not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take worry for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is evil. In this verse, evil is connected to worry and simply means that if we worry too much beyond the present it is unhealthy and unproductive. We will fail to live well in the present. It will paralyze us. And we will be of little good, to ourselves and to others. It is also unhealthy because it’s extremely stressful. The medical profession often remind us, that stress contributes to emotional and physical illness. 

It is not easy to handle our problems one day at time. But we must try. If we do, God will give us strength of heart and peace of mind about what is happening to us.  We should remember when God instructs us to do something he gives us the strength and peace of mind to do it. And He only ask us to do what we are capable of doing. When we have enduring problems and challenges we should do what we can the day we have them, and when tomorrow comes we do the same. And for the people of faith we look to God for help to face up to our problems in life, all the while, committing our future and all outcomes to God. 

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