Parable of the Seed Growing Secretly

The Parable of the Seed Growing Secretly

Mark 24:26-29

This Kingdom come, this Kingdom now,
we scatter seed, no work no plow,
just throw the seed, it sprouts and grows.  
Soil and light and water, out of our control. 
Spread the Word, it sprouts and grows.
This Kingdom grows, this mystic work,
this secret work the Spirit knows. 

The harvest come, the harvest now,
the harvest always been. 
The souls today and yesterday,
and many souls to come.
The sickle’d harvest every day. 
That’s what Jesus said.
In every time and every age, 
the secret Light the Spirit sheds!    
We go our way and do our best,
We try to make it grow,
the more we try the more we see,
the rains above – the cisterns, underneath. 
Secret waters –  Spirit’s flow – Spirit’s afterglow. 

The soil the heart, God does enrich; 
breaks up the follow ground.
Gifts of Grace and Faith – does cultivate.
Hidden in – life’s pains and aches.
Irresistible, His gift of Grace! Irreversible, His gift of Faith!
We know not when it comes, to whom and where is goes.
The Spirit plows and digs the the soil is all we know. 
This Kingdom sprouts and grows,
First the stalk, then the head, the growth is ripe again.

This Kingdom grows, and grows and grows!
Take heed and throw the Word the seed.
Sleep and rise again and see,
this secret work, the Spirit’s reach. 

Joseph Hutchison, November 2020, Rochester Hills, Michigan.

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