Parable of the Lost Sheep

Parable of the Lost Sheep 

Mathew 18:10-14

The Lord is our Shepherd,
and we are His sheep. 
God is not willing,
that any be lost!
The Shepherd will find us,
whatever the cost.
The proof at the cross. 

Sheep wander,
they’re restless and fretful, 
some look for a loophole,
a break in the fence;
they squeeze and twist through,
making no sense. 
The Shepherd’s not happy,
she’s not in the fold;
not angry or hostile,
His love does unfold. 

He goes to the fence,
where the sheep slithered through,
peers o’re the fence, is this what she meant?
Sickly pastures a few mountains too,
prey dogs, cougars and rustlers, 
no safety no shelter from storms.
Why did she leave? How could she leave? 
I’m getting her back! She’ll finally believe.

This restless fence crawler.
Poor balance a little too fat.
He found her quickly, flat on her back.
Kicking her legs up high in the air!
She can’t get up, frightened her stare. 
The Sheperds grip, flips her on her feet,
She is restored!
He leads her back to the sheep.

She was so lost,
and now she’s so found. 
Back to the fold, she goes,
she’s safe and she’s sound. 
Because she’s been found. 
The Shepherd is gleeful; 
tears in His eyes, joy in His heart.
The love of our Shepherd, 
is always the start.

The love of the sheep,
pledge never depart. 
Yet fails more and again, 
but vows never again,
over the fence and back again. 
Our Love and our Faith;
His Mercy and Grace,
We’re still in the fold!  

 Joseph Hutchison 2020, Rochester Hills, Michigan

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