Parable of The Mustered Seed

Parable of The Mustered Seed

Mathew 3:31-32

Two Half-Billion Strong!
It’s start was only One. 
Twelve more; at first did come,
after that some more believed.
So small this mustered seed.
More than few in upper room, 
gospel early church did heed.
So small the start this mustard seed.
Just as Jesus said it’d be.

At that time in Holy Land.
Jesus walked the earthen sand. 
Mustard Seed – tiny in the hand;
yet planted in the field in lands,
it grows, it grows, it grows some more, 
grows largest of the garden plants.
Then becomes a tree,
Just as Jesus said it’d be!

There’s birds on land, and birds at sea, 
penguin – seagull – chicken – turkey,
there’s more but those are some of these.
So many kinds of birds in world. 
These are not the Perching Birds. 

The birds that Jesus speaks;
these Perching Birds; 
crows, wrens, shrikes and sparrows, 
finches, nightingales and swallows,
many more but those are some of these.
More Perching Birds than others be. 

Perching Birds are in this tree.
They find there nest, and rest in peace.
The Church – The Faith!
Two Half-Billion Strong!
The birds perch in it’s branches,
they find their nest – and rest in peace,
this church this tree for you and me.
Kingdom Community!  
In leaves, in branches, in shadows,
our souls – safe secure in sturdy tree,
flocks and flocks of Perching Birds,
so many – beyond land and sea, 
Christian World Community!
Just as Jesus said it’d be.
Two-Half Billion Strong!

These Perching Birds are everywhere,
these vocal singing, listening birds, 
grasslands – scrublands – woodlands
desserts and mountains and urban’s,
Christian Church is everywhere!
Songs and hymns and psalms,
perching and preaching and teaching.
So many in America; 
North and South and Central be, 
Europe – Russia – Africa. 
China, and the Middle East,
to think on just a few.
The Church – The Faith, 
Two Half – Billion Strong! 
Started like a mustard seed,
Just as Jesus said It’d be. 

Joseph Hutchison 2020 Rochester Hills, Michigan

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