Land of Promise the City of God

Land of Promise,
City of God!

Land of Promise 
we seek and want;
more things – money – security,
nicer clothes – a nicer house.
Oh, I want this Land of Promise.
I think I need a better spouse,
What about my wife or husband? 
more loving – caring – embracing,
sensitive – generous – appealing,
let’s have some fun – would help a ton!
Married you – a different me.
no idea my life would be. 
I wish I had, more hope for me,
The kids the more I hope,
Promise Land please let them be,
Just wilderness I see; 
divorce – no solvency – bankruptcy,
some friends are gone, some family,
illness some sickness; fatal, chronic or acute.
This wilderness I feel and see. 
Seems no Promise Land for me. 

This man of God – this Moses!
wandered in the wilderness,
no foot and print in Promise Land. 
City of God his feet did plant; 
saw but did not walk the Promise Land.
City of God his Promise Land!
Golden streets not made of sand.

Go through life, so much imperfect!
Life sometimes a wilderness, 
Live the longer, fear and pain, 
mistakes and sin much stain.
Round and round we go;
disappointed – disillusioned, 
often heavy, this heart and soul. 
No Promise Land – like Moses,
never reached our goals.
Blessings do come though!
In fact, one came the other day. 
I’ve been blessed – sometimes I’ve set,
my toes inside the Promise Land.

If I do or if I don’t,
this life right now and here,
walk the Promise Land, 
I’m assured when all is done,
my soul will stroll the streets of gold,
City of God is won!
I seek to walk this City, 
This City our souls are one, 
Father – Spirit – Jesus the Son!

Don’t forget!
The Promise Land is sand, 
It shifts and moves and sinks beneath us,
Life’s okay, good, then bad, 
gets ugly, gets good again,
round and round we go.
Please remember though!
City of God is made to last;
like precious stones and gold,
good and better and better yet – this City of God!
Should even – seek the Promise Land,
all in life I want – think I need?
Of course we should – no harm to you and me.
Yet there’s more!
City of God we wait and seek. 

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan, 2020

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