Kiss the Word!

Kiss the Word!

Word of God to us.
Kiss the Word!
Word of God to me. 
Written Word – Spirit’s Word!
In my hand this lovely Book.
In my heart the Spirit’s Look.

This Word of God to us!
Priests and Prophets and Preachers,
Kings and Servants and Teachers. 
Fasted – prayed – some did deeds.
All had wants, dreams and needs. 
Sometimes faithful – unfaithful some.
More times weak – sometimes strong.
God was faithful – always merciful!
In life and death – always purposeful. 

The Holy Writ these scrolls they wrote,
We hold in hand this Written Word,
what God did –  and said and says,
Breathe of Spirit they wrote and spoke. 
Starts with Moses, ends with John,
Pages Love and Faith and Grace.
Kiss the Word all earthly hosts!
Love the Word – this Written Word,
This Word is from the Holy Ghost! 

The Word of God to me!
And if it comes to me,
it also comes to all of us.
This Word of God within the heart;
reading – praying – meditating, 
even be walking – all of this I know. 
Secret Subtle – influences – impressions,
not with ears – not with eyes – yet in my soul. 
Much more than lands and silver gold, 
Sense His Word today – stop and listen;
soul will hear – the soul will see. 
Kiss this Spirit’s Word, 
Kiss the Word of God to me!  

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan, 2020

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