The Christmas Story: Nothing Short of Supernatural!

Luke 1:37…. with God nothing shall be impossible

The Scriptural record of the Christmas Story is the official transcript of supernatural encounters with angels, heavenly induced dreams, and secret influences of the Holy Spirit. Virtually all of the Christmas storylines we celebrate during the Christmas season have a supernatural backstory.

Mary, the mother of Jesus was minding her own business, a wholesome and simple young women just looking forward to marriage and children with Joseph, her soon to be husband. But God had something more for Mary, something out of the ordinary, something supernatural. The Angel Gabriel paid her a visit, revealing she would have a son, and that she should call Him Jesus. Mary is also told by the angel that Jesus would be born of the Holy Spirit while she was still a virgin. Then to top off the celestial visit, Gabriel let Mary know that Jesus would be the Savior of the world! To help Mary believe that this was really going to happen, Gabriel assured her before making an exit that with God nothing shall be impossible.

Then there’s the supernatural encounter that Joseph experienced. He was more than a little suspicious of Mary, her pregnancy and the explanation surrounding it. It was very hard for him to accept for the obvious reasons. Without some kind of inward assurance Joseph could not have followed through with the marriage or come to terms that he would be the earthly father of the Savior of the world.  A heavenly induced dream convinced Joseph to proceed with the marriage and to accept that he would be the earthly father of Jesus, the promised Messiah.

There is little space in this short essay to detail some of the other supernatural encounters that encompass the personalities and events we celebrate during the Christmas Season. Only to briefly mention: the angelic announcement of the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds abiding in the field. The appearance of a Star, an astronomical phenomenon, leading the Wise Men to the baby Jesus. Then there is elderly Simeon and aged Anna, both promised through the secret influence of the Holy Spirit that they would not die before they witnessed the coming of Christ.

The Christmas Story is a collection of impossible and improbable happenings. If we feel that we need help or comfort during the holiday season we are encouraged by the Christmas Story to believe that God is able to work out and help us work through anything when we place our trust in Him.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills Michigan, 2019

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