Religion Beyond Reason

One uncoupled characteristic between Christianity and other persuasions is the reliance on the supernatural. Metaphysical events anchored the Christian faith as it unfolded in the historical record of the Old Testament, continuing through to the Ascension of Christ. The Apostles also witness the supernatural, further anchoring the faith.

It is common knowledge that there are at least fifty-five miracles in the Old Testament outside of the many interventions and guidance offered to the Old Testament Church. In the New Testament, Jesus performed thirty-seven miracles in only a three year period. We are also in wonderment at the supernatural birth, resurrection and ascension of Christ. In the the book of Acts, which is the record of the early church, there is no less than fifteen miracles recorded. Although, not particularly fond of the term religion, I am using it for clarity and recall, that like no other creed, the Christian faith is a “Religion Beyond Reason.”

This is so important because we live in a fallen world. Augustine once wrote that Adam and Eve probably fell from grace the very first day they were in the garden. I hope this notion is a bit immoderate but it does emphasize how much we need God’s help. It could be just me, but it seems as if we are either in trouble, coming out of trouble or going into trouble of some kind. When I was younger I expected a continuum of peace and tranquility in my life. As I have matured, I realize that life is not designed this way. Disturbance and problems are the rule and not the exception. When we do get relief or experience success it is a time for thanksgiving and appreciation. Yet, we are living in a fallen world and are not experiencing the peace and tranquility of the Garden of Eden. The Christian faith is made for crisis. Heavenly intervention and guidance is the bedrock of our faith. It doesn’t make sense to many but it does to us.

Joseph C. Hutchison, Rochester Hills, Michigan 2019

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